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Facts of the case:

24 June 2006 received NIP for allegedly doing 76 in 50 zone on A690 dual carriage way on 20 June 2006. Received NIP 1st class. There is no doubt that I was driving and I have never stated anything different in any correspondance. This is Northumbria police force territory.
Current points at time of NIP = 9. (so facing ban under totting up).

PACE statement sent on 18 August 2006 ( recorded delivery ) naming and shaming myself. I didn't initially respond to the 1st NIP cause I was given other advice by a solicitor to keep stum. In the end I went for PACE albeit later than advised by this site.

After several B&B letters I eventaully received a COFP on 1st December, so thought I was home and dry i.e COFP expired on 28 December so date of offence 20/6/2006 greater than 6 months since NIP. I was a bit worried about the PACE statement being late though.

With the COFP came a letter acknoledging my PACE but stating it wasn't valid and that I had to coff up £60 and take 3 points. However, in the enclosed docs it also said if I had 9 points (or more) that I couldn't accept a COFP. (Which in my case applied).

Anyway, today (dated 4/April 2007) I received a letter stating that unless I send the scameras my licence and £60 they will see me in court. Can you please confirm that the 6 month rule applies ? It seems odd, 'cause I couldn't ahve taken the COFP anyway according to THEIR rules!

Is there anything they can get me on bearing in mind it's nearly 10 months ago ?

Is this just more B&B or am I to be hung until dead ? icon_hang.gif

Hope the above is clear and before anyone points out the error of my ways I have slowed my speed down and now on 6 current points v. soon to be 3.
QUOTE (r1ch1e @ Thu, 5 Apr 2007 - 19:20) *
eventaully received a COFP on 1st December
Anyway, today (dated 4/April 2007) I received a letter stating that unless I send the scameras my licence and £60 they will see me in court.

Over three months after they sent you the COFP, they sent this letter.
Has there been no other communications in the mean-time?

As far as I can see, they're at it.
Rule #1: Scammers lie.

The only possibilty is that they've laid an information for S172, and are 'sitting' on it. I think that that's unlikely, because you're over two months over the six months for that.

Chill, I think.
Yes that's right.

Since receiving the COFP back in December, I've had no further communication until now.

What happens if I get a summons ? Do I write to the court and tell them that it's over 6 months ? unsure.gif
It is very unlikely you'll hear any more, but if you do, post back here.

If you know, or can find out, which Magistrates Court that particular Partnership uses, you could always phone them and ask them if an information has been laid against your name. The deadline for a S172 Summons would have been on, or around 22 January.

Looking at the timing, I don't think it has, but the only way to find out for definite is to ring the Court.
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