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Terry collins
Can someone please confirm if you need to be stopped by a police officer in order to be issued a ticket or can they send this in the post if you were caughted using the hand held radar or similar?

I passed a stationary police vechicle on the M40 yesterday, the police officier was by the vehicle with his gun aimed at me. I do not think he caught me from the look he gave me as I went by his vehicle, but I can not be sure. If he had caught me I would have expected to be stopped either by him or another police officer further along the motorway.

The motorway was busy and I don't think he got a clear path at my vehicle, I was also decelerating at a high rate since I saw his vehicle stationary on the hard shoulder.

Not sure if the law states he needs to stop me and issue me a ticket, or if he can simply mail it.

What would be the normal process?

Many thanks for the help.
The Rookie
They can stop you at the time, or contact you by post (a NIP within 14 days to the reg keeper), if your talking about the steep decent in a cutting from the high bit north of high Wycombe, they will usually follow and stop, due to the number fo speeders they only seem to go after cars going VERY fast (like 100 ish!)

It would have ben laser, not radar.

we went passed him on sunday, did'nt look like there was a camera attached he was just holding one device that had two lenses ( i think ) hard to tell, his mate was in the drivers seat.
The Rookie
Pro laser or Lti, one lens is for the laser, the other for the sighting equipment.

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