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Full Version: Careless driving without a licence
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Here's the deal.
I'm driving along in leicester with a provisonal driving license and no L plates on. I'm driving with a 19 year old friend who has a license. I come to a corner and realise late that it's there and quickly turn but miss and go through a fence into someones garden.
The police came and read me my rights.
Got to go to court in the summer.
My offenses were:
Careless driving.
Driving without L plates
Driving with only a provisional license.

Any guesses to what will happen?
I don't find this funny at all.
IF anyone could give me a specific answer or even semi-specific it would be helpful.
I'm afraid that the mags will probably ban you in light of the fact you were on a provisional licence.

Are any charges been brought against your friend?
I don't think so.
Banned for how long? How much would the fine be? How many points?
I assume when you say banned you mean forever.
IF not how long should I expect?
If I get points will they be carried on to my license?
QUOTE (oliver)
I assume when you say banned you mean forever.
IF not how long should I expect?
If I get points will they be carried on to my license?

-No not forever
-2 months maybe, and fine depending on how much you earn
have the rules changed, I thought it was mean to be 3 years before you could acompany a learner driver.

the powers that be, May take a dim view of this also !!

I'm assuming there is a good reason to be driving as a provisonal licence holder with no L plates !! you may give that as mitigation.
Not banned forever. Maybe 6 months not sure on the fine though maybe £200-300
jimmy ferrari
Oliver it doesn't sound very good! if you get banned you don't get points, but you will have to declare your ban when you ask for an insurance quote.
I am not sure if the time scales have changed or what the rules are for young drivers, but....

points would be on your licence for 3 years but you would have to tell your insurance for 5 years about those offences.
being banned you would have to tell the insurance for the next 10 years! icon_eek.gif
These may have changed!
for offenders who get 6 points within 2 years of passing their test they have to retake their test.......... but you haven't done yours yet :!:

good luck.
um...anyone know what happens if you get points on your provisional or a ban?
A friend of mine was allowing a lady friend to drive his car whom he had insured on his policy. The car was stopped because it was going to slowly and my friend was fined £60 + 30 costs and 3 points as was the lady driver whom was charged an identical amount...

The actual offence code for which they were both charged was a LC22 (failing to display L plates).

The lady when asked how she could make payment said something like £1 a week which she then paid at her local court.

I should mention that the lady in question was extremely miffed over this due to the very sexist comments made by the officer (PC Bogoush) at the time of the offence but to this date no apology has been made, and when the Police station was phoned in order to make a formal complaint my friend was told that he could not make a complaint, and the whole case was buried under the carpet...
You have several problems, and they all seem to have been picked up:

1) No L plates - usually a fine and points
2) Driving while unaccompanied (person must have held licence for three years AND be 21 or over) - usually fine and points
3) Then your careless driving - 3 points?

Points on a provisional licence stay on when you get your full one, and there is a six point limit when you get the full one too. If you get six or more as provisional I think you basically get a "last chance" and any more points means your licence is revoked.

They might give you points for only one of the first two, but I can't see you escaping without 6 points and a fine.

Careless or inconsiderate driving- S3 RTA 1988- 3-6 points £250-£2,500
Unsupervised S87 RTA 1988? 3-6 points £120 - consider disqualify
No L plates 3-6 points £60-£1000

Sorry, but I do not see how you will escape without a ban but the fine comes down to how much dough you earn and retain as disposable income.
If I transfer money I currently have into another account (that isn't mine) will I get less of a fine?
QUOTE (oliver)
If I transfer money I currently have into another account (that isn't mine) will I get less of a fine?

Yes. Heres the number to transfer it to. Do it as soon as possible.

00-00-00 12345678
A/c DW190

More seriously they dont really check your bank a/c. Banks also have a duty of care to their customers and one of those duties is confidentiality so if you tell em your skint and you wont be claiming travelling expenses because you had to walk.
The fine is normally worked out via a mean test form,
you fill in you incoming and out goings, they work it out form there !!

as far as i'm aware they dont have access to your savings.

although at the current rate i'm sure the gov are thinking about it !! icon_eek.gif
After a ban. Do I get points, once the ban have been lifted?
jimmy ferrari
Oliver from my understanding you will have no points on your licence, if they ban you, but there will be a coded number identifying what you were banned for. This is what the insurance firms will want to know and will determine how much your insurance is going to cost, if they will in fact offer you cover.
The Rookie
To be honest I'm surprised they havn't added driving without insurance to the list, as a guide there is a similar case in my local court report, 9 points and £500 plus £150 costs....

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