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Forza Brescia
I received a NIP at the end of January - REturned it with a letter asking for the photogrpaghs

These were returned - but in black and white with no clear shot of the driver

Returned it again asking for colour photo's and a clear shot of the driver

Recevied a colour photo back but no blow up of the driver.

Returned it again - asking for the driver shot

Have now received a snotty letter saying that in law i have duty to be able to identify the driver of the vehicle at all times and that the police are to take me court for failing to inform them of the driver.

Anyone been here - got any advice - must admit i am now tempted to throw the towel in - i can afford the £60 but not £1000
my advice is to read the sticky threads

especially the one that says READ THIS FIRST
The Rookie
Unable to ID just from the photo will land you with an MS90 conviction and a big fine, the law says you have to use reasonable dilligence to determine who was driving, so checking card transaction, mobile phone records, naming all probably drivers etc etc if you do know who was driving, then say so! (I note you don't actually say you don't know so I'm guessing you do!)

Been there done this!

Write to the SCP stating the driver and asking them to give you a fixed penalty notice.

They'll ignore it anyway and you'll receive a summons for failing to identify AND the speeding charge.

Write to the court explaining the whole diary of events and enclose a copy of all the letters you sent to the SCP PLUS the last one where you asked for an FPN.

Ring up the court about 2 weeks before your trial, explain the chain of events and ask them if they'll drop the failure to identify if you cough to the speeding by post.

They should go for this and then ask you to send a guilty plea for the speeding and a covering letter.

Will cost you more than a regular £60 (approx £110) but you'll only get the normal 3 points and an SP30 on you licence instead of the dreaded MS90.
Forza Brescia
Many Thanks - Letter on it's way
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