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Full Version: Help police statement wrong
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I overtook an unmarked police car last October I am normally good at spotting them but it was a P reg Vectra and it was dark. Coming into a 60 from a 30, he was going slow and there was a long straight so i thought I'd nip past before some bad bends a mile or so up the road, half way past him he booted it, I thought he was being an idiot and trying to have a race, I got passed him but had to do 90 to get past, 8 miles up the road in the next village he caught me up (there were a lot of bends between). He gave me a verbal NIP. I have had a summons through.

However he has stated on the Statement of Witness that he used a paced speed method of claculating my speed, its a fill in the blanks form it says--

Paced from-( the police officer has written)- Overtaken at Tax Offices, Porthmadog
to-(the police officer has written)- Boston Lodge works, Minffordd.
distance- (the police officer has written)- 4/10 miles.

This distance is actually 1.1 miles.

Is this error enough to get me off? I'm on 6 points.

I do have a witness to him speeding up though as well
many thanks.
on its own probably not but
a good lawyer might be able to use this to establish reasonable doubt

especially if he lost sight of you and the route involves a lot
of fast/slow rather than steady speed
But if the Police Officer can't measure a distance how can he be seen to be able to measure a speed?

Unfortunately the places between where he stated is a dead straight road.

The Rookie
Was there a video in the car, most unmarked cars have one especially if they also have a calibrated speedo.....if so you will want that video as it will clearly show his actions, although at some point you will have to plead guilty to speeding (as you apear to admit) but maybe to a lesser speed (what is given in the summons?).

No camera in the car.

On the summons it said 90. I have admitted speeding but not to that speed. How can they prove it if their evidence is wrong?

Cheers guys.
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