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KD Barnett
I received a NIP 22/09/06 for alleged speeding 13/09/06. 40 mph in a 30. The location said Station Road, Wickwar. I sent in a Pace statement and received a letter back saying 'Please be advised that I have checked PACE Code C, however this is the code of practise for the detention, treatment and questioning of persons being held in in custody by police officers. It does not therefore apply to your case' Also ' With consideration to this fact the statement that you have signed admitting that you were the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence will be used as evidence'.
I have now received a Courts Summons to appear at Taunton Magistrates Court in early April. Attached is a photo of the car together with statements from the officers concerned.
Can anyone offer advice? Should I attend or plead guilty by post? Is it worth contacting specialist solicitors?
The Rookie
Do a LOT of reading up on here, your situation is 'normal' and the answers are all there for you and the advice as well.

KD Barnett
Thanks for the reply Siomon - wheres the best place to start!
Monster 900
Have you been charged with speeding, s172 failure to furnish or both?
KD Barnett
I have been charged with speeding
If you decide to plead not guilty you can request full disclosure of the evidence to have it perused by an expert witness. This may reveal some shortcomings in the use of the equipment
QUOTE (KD Barnett @ Thu, 15 Mar 2007 - 14:18) *
Thanks for the reply Siomon - wheres the best place to start!

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Hotel Oscar 87

Is there any explanation offered as to why your case is being heard at Taunton? I would have expected this case to have been heard just down the road at N. Avon Mags Court in Yate?
KD Barnett
From the evidence enclosed it looks like they have covered themselves in terms of the use of equipment and training. The only issue that I think may be out of place is that I do not know of any speed camerea signs on the way through the place that they photographed me. Do they need to have these in place? It is typical of the use of cameras is that where they set them up is a quiet part of the road with no pedestrians just before you go into a 60 mph!
I do not understand why I have to go to Taunton when their is a magistrates at Yate? Maybe Yate is full up? Can I request for the hearing to be held in Yate?
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