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Full Version: Nip and overseas driver
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I recently recieved a nip with no photos, and a note saying that they would not be made available unless I wished to contest in court. I believe that my belgian girlfriend was driving at the time (she lives in belgium). What can I expect to happen if I go ahead and name her as the driver?

I have to say the whole thing is a complete sham, expected to admit guilt to something you could never be expected to know, with no proof of how they arrived at the stated speed, that it was even my vehicle etc.
Many thanks for any advice
This happened to me recently and I found some advice on another website that said the Police in this country were unlikely to pursue the matter outside the UK.

Search for my post from a few weeks ago. Sorry, don't know how to link to it here icon_redface.gif

I don't know how valid this advice is, how old it is or anything. Does anyone else have any ideas as my NIP needs to go back soon icon_evil.gif
Hi Guys.
Well, same old story really, send the INFORMATION as required under Sec 172 but contrary to what the NIP or included info sheet says there is nothing in Law that says you have to sign it. A signiture is NOT information.
So far as overseas drivers are concerned they would be less likely to follow this up but bear in mind that EEC countries are accessable by our authorities so I wouldn't like to bank on it. Outside the EEC then yes, just give them what they want to get them off your back but really what I would suggest is this.........
Fill out the NIP & sign it. This will get them off of you. The Driver then may or may not get an NIP. Tell the Driver to GIVE THE INFORMATION & send the form back, unsigned of course. It is very likely that they will just give up at this stage & in any event there is little they can do. The Police are tearing there hair out over this at the moment as all they can do is give out False information as to what the law says & use threats of prosecution to intimidate...... This is My opinion but Mika may wish to add to this. Mika ?

Hope this helps,

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