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Full Version: New member...Need a bit of advice
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hi guys a question for you please smile.gif

If you were speeding (about 80ish in a 60) and suddenly a cop car appeared out of nowhere (was doing 30 by then but don't know how they they were behind me) with its lights flashing. But then looked like it just wanted to get through the traffic. You then drove through the traffic with the cop car behind you, and at the mini round about, around 10m away from where you first spotted him, they went a different way

There is a 30mph sign which I then slowed right down for and got down to 30 in time, then as I hit the traffic thats when I noticed them.

Could there be any possibility of you still getting "done" even thought they didn't stop you?

Manyt hanks for any help smile.gif
if they wanted to stop you they would have done so

whilst there is a theoretical possibilty of a moving car gathering evidence
and then serving you a nip by post this is extremely unlikely for a whole host of reasons

please drive safely
Thanks for the reply smile.gif

Any others? smile.gif
How long do they have to send something through the post?

Thanks smile.gif
14 days from the date of offence to the registered keeper. (if you have a company / lease car it goes to them first so can be several weeks)

Sounds like you were lucky, perhaps they found your spirited driving a little excessive, but as you clearly had stretched your legs and knew to be good in the 30 didn't bother.

Or perhaps they were going to pull you and then had a 999 call to go answer.

Note to self check mirrors / use quieter roads wink.gif

From the sound of it, the police car was responding to an emergency call, hence it didn't stop you and I very much doubt that it would have been recording anything either, as the recording of a vehicle still has to be started manually by the officer on the Provida camera.
The road was very quiet and I deffo checked my mirrors before stretching my legs as I always do. Even if there is a "fairly" new car behind me I won't - you just do not know!!

Looks like I've just got to hang tight for a couple of weeks and hope then!

Thanks a lot for all of your help biggrin.gif
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