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Full Version: beating the judicial system feels good!!!!!
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Just a little note to say a big thank you to this site. I got 'caught' on a LTI20-20 allegedly speeding in April 2006. I decided to fight it. I had no legal representation (how much do they charge!!!!) and I walked away from court yesterday after the CPS dropped the case! brave.gif Who needs a legal mind when you have a determined one! The only thing that upset me was I didnt get to have my day in court.. you know... the soap box one lol. Anyone wants to know how I did it feel free to ask.
well done!! how did you do it then , please share! biggrin.gif
Its a bit late now (yes.. I am obviously getting on if 10 is late lol) I will give more info tomorow. Having sat at this comp for the last 3 hours doing a job app I want to go and get a beer.. Frank Garrett certainly boosted my confidence tho lol
will look forward to reading it on friday when home again. hotel volvo for the rest of the week!! deep joy!!!
Yes, well done, Mitch!

I look forward to your account - I need to keep positive, as I'm likely to get a summons soon angry.gif

Take care, & keep your eyes open for the scamerati.

okay... order of things
April. speed camera clocks my car doing 37 mph
April.. receive NIP
April.. sent letter to lancashire police, can I see pic please?
May... letter from Lancashire police.. NO!
May.. letter with unsigned NIP sent to police
May.. letter from lancashire police.. still going to prosecute
June.. request for evidence letter sent to police
June.. Letter from police NO!
september.. 1st court date,adjourned
November... 2nd court date, adjourned (thought I would have a go under human rights case going to court etc)
March... recorded letter sent to CPS.. request for disclosure
March.. phones CPS, wheres my stuff?
March.. CPS arm, umm, urr.. got a problem with your case. Witness (officer with camera) can't make court date but will send evidence to you, many apologies, grovel grovel
March... Letter from CPS NO! you cant have the video, heres half of what you asked for (2 days to go)
March, frantic gathering together of other evidence to use (Frank Garretts testimony, ACPO etc)
March The day of the trial.

CPS said he would ask to adjourn, I said I would ask to dismiss. CPS took legal advise, case dropped... as did my jaw lol

Which goes to show, if you stick to your guns they crumble.....
jimmy ferrari
Didn't the cps have to tell the court they were dropping the case? If so I believe you can claim costs.
cps dropped the case at court and I was asked if I had any costs I wanted to claim but I didnt really have any... it was certainly worth the fuel getting there lol
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