I'm not sure where to put the question.

I just had a ticket for going over a red light, if I was at fault I don't mind paying the fine. But I'm not sure if I was.

I know where and how it happened. I was on the A46 going on to the M40. I was clocked at 24mph

I was following a line of traffic going on to the round about, just before I got to the junction the lights went from green to amber (I was about 5 -10 yards away), I could of jammed on my brakes, (and had the car behind hit me) and still not stop in time for the junction. So I went across, the junction is about 30yrds across, I was travelling at 23 mph, before I got across the lights had gone red, I got a ticket.

I hope my calculations are right, but I was travelling at approx 10 yards per second, so to cross the junction would take 3 secs.

So I can't see how I could of avoided the ticket, if the above assumptions are correct.

Should I contest or not, (I don't have the time or money)