flashed by red light camera
a Gatsometer RLC36 MSG-MC Traffic Light Camera Serial no 888 last calibrated on 10/05/06 and valid to 09/05/07 on a copy of certificate with serco on it
Already sent in a pace statment as nip did not arrive in 14 days only posted 1 st class recieved 2nd nip then sent in pace statment now recieved ia letter offering fixed penalty also pictures of my car a Taxi 1st no plate not legable 2 picture no plate not legible 3 picture is enhanced no plate just legible but taxi plate is legible if i go to court is enhansed photo admissable as tampered with i sent a letter to them stating that i have being flashed by said camera on going though on green and amber also being flashed on red also other taxi driver have been flashed the same i reported the camera faulty to police in person as no one answers the phone for the camera partnership i also find that a camera has a valid certificate of calibration for a year does seem a bit i would have though i should be calibrated at least monthly any ideas HELP