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Full Version: Nipped Again!
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Hmm, here's one.
On Dec 23rd 2006 i received a Nip for a gatso reading of 41mph in a 30 zone, dated 23rd 11 2006.
Although i was driving a company car which is leased etc means it took around 30 days to find it's way to me, i accepted the fact,paid my dues and got 3 points.
Today 24th Jan 2007 i have received another Nip!! this one is Dated 03/11/2006 and oddly enough,by the same camera and doing the same speed "41". Coincidence or not is not my issue,more the fact that it is now 81 days ago.
How come a nip for an issue 3 weeks later arrived a whole month earlier?
It seems they had no problem in contacting my company and getting the relevent info to send me this thing!
Out of date do you think?
Not only that,but had this arrived before the 2nd one,would i have been driving a little more carefully in that area and not have got zapped at all.!!!
Out of shear horror i have just ripped this into a thousand pieces and binned it.
Probably not the right thing to do,but jeez,how irritating if at all legal.
Thoughts anyone?
When did your company receive the second NiP witht the earlier date? Although you received the NiP a good deal later it's important to know when they got it.
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