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If you did not respond (or responded insufficiently) to the NIP, then the different charge of s172 (or failure to provide driver's identity) would time out 28 days + 6 months after the date on the NIP:


I sent a pace statement in reply to my NIP and have just received a summons to attend a case against me.

This is outside the 6 month ruling as stated above I presume because they have not acknowledged the pace statement and are trying me for " person other than keeper fail to give the identity of driver". As well as the speeding offence.

Also the summons arrived by normal post i.e not special or recorded delivery is this normal pratice?
Quick question.

I recently received a summons by normal post. Should it not be normal pratice to send via recorded or special delivery.

I was rather surprised it was not recorded.
Slow Driver
No, they don't care about that. Once it's been sent thats all they care about - the date they have it recorded as being sent. They don't actually care about if you receive it or not.

FYI, I've had so many summons to the courts over the years (about 9 for council tax) I can well and truly speak as the voice of experience. Oh... and not once did they ever actually get me there either - all were cancelled after dealing with the council.

Soz if thats not the answer you wanted..
My summons came by normal post too. I dont think it makes any difference, as long as charges are laid within 6 months they can send the summons pretty much anytime/anyway they like, I could be wrong but pretty sure thats how it works. sad.gif
The Rookie
Summons by normal post is normal and OK.

As for exceeding the 6 months, papers have to be layed at the court within 6 months and 28 days of you RECEIVING the NIP, in reality I would say that you would normally recieve it the day after posting (48 hours max) so its not a major factor, the summons can then take a while (about 3 months allegedly from Scumberside) to reach the recipient.

Please give us a timeline of dates (any defence will be technical so I see no benefit in trying to keep it secret!), also be worth filling in the NIP wizard to look at the other details.

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