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Did anyone see Tonight with Trevor McDonut?

The CSI Effect
Forensic science has led to huge progress in crime solving - but is there a risk that unrealistic portrayals in TV detective shows seduce the public into believing it to be foolproof?
We report on growing concerns within legal circles that jurors' faith in forensic evidence is leading to miscarriages of justice.

No mention of police c@*k ups, because of course the police being highly trained professionals, are beyond reproach with their 'evidence'. And their 'allegedly' tampered/doctored/blanked out photos never lie? And, we, the Gullible (oops sorry typo) General public, are expected to believe ... unless your willing to part with upto 2k for the privilege of discrediting them!

I apologise if this is the wrong forum to post, but after reading Crystal's thread MCN today - guilty until proven inncocent it has me wondering if the police are so infallible that everything they allege is, in fact, fact? I think they have misunderstood Heisenberg's (un)Certainty Principle. 'WE can show you the position of the bike at a given time but YOU cannot with certainty calculate it's speed', OR 'YOU can see on the photo how fast the bike was going, but WE cannot tell you the position of the bike when we calculated it' !!!! Perhaps they exist in a different time-space continuum with parallel reality!
wacko.gif Oh, g@d I sound like a trekkie! wacko.gif

Given recent experience I can see now why so many people weaken at the first hurdle and feel compelled to accept a COFP in order to avoid the ENORMOUS BURDEN of proving their own innocence.
I must see a doctor - I think I have a warped perception of reality. I was under the impression we didn't live in a police state, but maybe one day soon I'll wake up and smell the coffee!! coffee.gif

So, back to the original question-
Are photographs classed as forensic evidence? How foolproof are they?
The Rookie
I don't think 'forensic' evidence is defined, it is either that something can be classed as evidence or not, so a photograph is evidence as I undrstand, although perversly a video is equated with a statement.

Of course a photo or video can be edited to show something that didn't occur, but that is why a correct and accountable trail is required to show that it reflects the facts at the time.

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