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Full Version: 42 in 30
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ok so to cut a long story short i was following the flow of traffic the other day in what i thought was a 40 mph zone when i was snapped by a camera van on the other side of the road. I was said to be doing 42 mph in what is apparently 30mph zone, now hands up im sure there is nothing i can do other than admit i was driving and take the rap. My concern is because its over 10 mph over the speed limit i am worried i will get more than the usual 3 points and £60 fine, is this the case? Also the NIP didnt actually come to my new address (i have recently moved house) as the dvla has now been 6 weeks returning my v5 document so it actually arrived as my mum and dads address although i doubt that this has any bearing on the case. The worst thing is i sold this car and collected my new vx220 the next day so not the best of send off's for my trusty old motor!!!
can you fill in the nip wizard which help the members with the required facts
If you just take the rap you'll most likely get a COFP for 3 points & £60 for 12mph over.
However if you fill in the NIP wizard as suggested there are plenty of other options to fight it, depending on the circumstances.

Please visit the READ ME FIRST section (Click Here), answer all the questions in the NIP Wizard, and then post the Wizard's output back here to enable us to help you.

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