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Full Version: How did your case go after going through the PACE route?
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mark in essex
Hi there,

I thought I'd start a poll as to what was the outcome after you sent off the PACE statement.

I was considering it, but wanted to get an idea of a percentage of how many people had a good outcome or the same due to fighting the case.

Cheers, Mark.
mark in essex
Sorry - I tried to create a poll, but it does not seem to have worked.

If you could please post your replies below please?

Cheers, Mark.
Answer is dependent on police area. Some forces like pace some don’t. I hear Essex do issue a summons quite often. The Met have only issued one summons where pace has been used from what I can see on the site (to date)
I've sorted it for you. wink.gif
you need a new option for been to court and ongoing !

that's a great idea and i hope people fill it in but from what i've seen most people who have used PACE once they've been to court and got the fine and points they haven't returned here!

i've even tried PMing a few of them for the answers! unsure.gif
mark in essex
QUOTE (firefly @ Thu, 18 Jan 2007 - 18:14) *
I've sorted it for you. wink.gif

Thanks for that firefly.

I thought a poll might be an easier way for new people to see the success rates instead of having to trudge through long threads.

I'd be specifically intrested in what happened if people were dealing with the Bedfordshire police (as my NIP is from them).

Cheers, Mark.
mark in essex
I was wonderin if there could be an option of "Went to court + came worse off" eg more points, higher fine + costs.

How about an option of... "Got it adjourned untill a proper court sorts this mess out" Re. Crystal et al!
mark in essex
Is there anybody else out there to vote?

the wife's case timed out
Can somebody please explain the 6 months [b]+ 28 days[/b] on the timeout mentioned in this poll? I posted a query in a different thread a while ago about whether it was 6 months from date of offence or 6 months + 28 days. The replies assured me it was a plain 6 months.

V. confused. wacko.gif
The s172 offence occurs 28 days after the nip is served. Those who have used PWS haven't anything to fear form the s172 side. Once 6months +28days has elapsed with no summons, then its vey unlikley to arrive
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