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Full Version: 9 points and counting....
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Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong section, I only joined yesterday and I'm a first time mailer.

I wonder if anyone can advise me.

After 30 years of points-free driving I've now collected 9 points in 5 months in a Mitsubishi Evo. No, I'm not a nutter, and the offences haven't been extreme, 37 and 38 in a 30 limit (one of which was a 30mph dual carriageway!) and 58 in a 50. I know the answer is to obey the speed limits, but realistically, the chances of a mistake-free two and a half years in this bloody car are slim. No complaints from me, I was speeding and I'll take the medicine.

However, it seems to me that if (or when) I get the next 3 points, I'll go see The Man, and he'll base my penalty on the 4th offence, with the degree of offence for the first three being irrelevant. On that basis, should number 4 be a bit naughty, say a 95+ in a 70 limit (or even ain 60 in a temporary 40mph limit motorway road works, works where the workers have long gone home) I'm likely to get caned. Maybe even a 6 month ban, and I don't need that.

So what thoughts on deliberately creating a piddly 4th offence, say a sub-80 in a 70 limit. (Yes, I know it's still speeding but I would respectfully suggest that an Evo at 80 is a hell of a lot safer than most cars at 60. Have you hit the brakes hard on an Evo? It stops, but your eyeballs don't! Nevertheless, the law is the law. Even better, rather than speeding I could deliberately go for 3 points for no seat belt, where the offence endangers nobody but me. As I said, I'll take my medicine and I'm resigned to a ban, but that way, I might get a fine and 28 days.

Does anybody know if a piddly 4th offence is likely to mitigate the penalty?

Secondly, if I do get a ban, do I start off with nil points?

Any thoughts anybody?
Clear Skies
I dont think I would get points on purpose..

but yes once banned , you do go down to nil points.. (sounds like the eurovision contest)

the ban will depend on your circumstances , perhaps 56 days.. perhaps less if real hardship is caused, maybe more if not repentant in court and driving like a nutter..

A mate of mine on 9 points was offered a course as the scummers thought he would benefit from a refreshment driving course instead of points.. so he took the course..

other will know more..

I think the insurance companies hit you pretty hard if you've been banned (but not certain about that one so see what others think) and in any case I wouldn't deliberately go out to get 'done'. Just take it as easy as you can.

If you fought any of your penalties and points you might even be able to claim that they were unjust and get them overturned if the ECtHR thing goes the way it should...
even if you got 12 points and then a 6 month ban you would go back to no points but you'd still have to tell your insurance of the ban (not sure the code) and that would usually amount to more finacially than 9 points on your insurance for 5 years!

as hard as it is you'd be best being very careful for the next 3 years not to break the limits (let along any other traffic offences!!)
Strongly advise as the others do against deliberately getting the points. As you say, they are easy to collect without trying! Although a ban clears you down, insurance will bite for some considerable time after and other matters can also be connected with it (hiring vehicles etc etc)

My advice, drive as carefully as you can, watch those horses and worry about it if the situation arises. I have had a batch of points some years ago, cleared them after serving the time then another batch has come about recently. These things can come in waves. Your wave hopefully has passed!

Trade in your car for a Reliant!

You would still have to tell the insurance comany about the points as they still would have occured it usally worded have you had any convictions inthe last three years. Also the code is TT99 so they will know why whatever.

Also the minium ban for totting up 12 points is 6 months unless there are really good mitigating circumstances

My advice is play Smart get rid of your Evo for 3 years buy a Smart car you can sue the Police if they ever nick you for speeding in one of them things. tongue.gif Seriously though just string out the procedure as long as you can,
Thanks all. I was rather hoping that someone might have experienced a trivial fourth offence and got away with 28 days ban, but it seems not. Pretty uniform advice from everone; behave for 3 years!

I've (almost) taken Bazil's advice and swapped the Evo for a long wheelbase automatic Shogun Elegance. Whilst it's obviously still capable of breaking all of the speed limits, wafting about in comparitive luxury in something the size of a small bungalow has definitely had a calming effect. Ten minutes driving this leviathan and I'm at peace with the world!

Thanks again for the advice.
Your entire premise is flawed. If you "tot up" to 12 points, the magistrates are not allowed to consider mitigation regarding any of the offences - the only thing that can mitigate the length of the ban (or even avoid a ban) is undue hardship (to others) that would be caused by a ban.
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