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Full Version: help need to know if i can get off!!!! asap
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i was stoped in march, i think i was given a verbal NIP (i didnt undertand it tho) but didnt recieve my summons till november, 7/8 months later.

My court case is in a couple of days!! help please
i was travelin home when i was stoped at some lights when i looked in my mirrors i saw blue lights coming up to the lights it then stoped and turned of its lights, then the lights went green then he followed me about a 1/2 mile then turned his lights on then pulled me over. i got out the car he asked me do i know what i been stoped for i said no, he then said you was speeding then he said do you know what speed you was doing i said yes the speed limit, he then asked me what the speed limit was i said normal. he said that i am goin to be prosceuted.
i asked him what speed was i doing he didnt reply
i asked him what evidence i have he didnt reply and later told me i would find out in court.
on his statement he said his speedometer was no calibrated and he used that to judge i was speeding, he also did not have a constant distant on my car to judge my speed.

It will be hard, consider a specialist solictor or scan, remove personal details and post the summons bundle here for an opinion.

The Rookie
As the summons arrived 7 months later, you should check if there is a date on it to check when papers were layed at court, if there is no date then ring the court and ask, papers have to be layed within 6 months, although a summons can take a while to arrive.

Do you have the BiB's witness statement, if so, scan, blank identifying info and post (read stickies and use imageshack or similar) and we can try and understand 'how' he 'got' you.

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