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Full Version: Sending licence for points
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I may have been caught speeding last week doing dead 40 on a 30 MPH stretch by West Yorks Police.

My concern at the moment is that I'm going away for 3 weeks to New Zealand on 01-Feb and will need to take my drivers licence with me for the hire of the campervan.

My understanding is that the licence will take poss 3/4 wks to be processed. Is there anyway if i decide not to contest the NIP that i can delay the returning of my licence or go to the cop shop and get it updated there.

Can anyone advise me of the options if the NIP does come through
Not sure about taking it to the cop shop. Don't think you can, I think you have to send to the scammers.

Not sure what system West Yorks operate. If it’s standard NIP followed by COFP you should be OK on the timing if you can be sure to be back from NZ by end of Feb.

When (if) you get NIP, and are sure you want to hold your hands up, fill it out but don't sent it back until a couple of days before 28 day limit (special delivery to make sure it gets there). Someone else can post it for you if you've already left. You don’t send your licence at this point – it’s you “confessing” that you were the driver.

The scammers will send you a COFP a few days later and you will have 28 days to respond and send them the dosh and licence. You should be back in plenty of time for that.
This assumes that you qualify for COFP i.e. not too many points already on licence.

I believe some counties do a combined NIP and COFP, which shortens your delay time. Other folk on the forum may be able to advise if WY is one of those (but I don’t think it is)

Hopefully you won't even get the NIP.
The Rookie
By the time you need to send off your licence you will be back home, await any NIP and respost then!

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