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Full Version: Boxing Day Parking
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First post on this site, wonder if you guys can help?

I parked today at a Rochdale Town Centre car park believing that as it is a bank holiday, parking would be free. I made the mistake of not looking anyway to confirm my belief. I was only gone for aorund 20mins and as I came back to the car a parking fine issued by 'National Car Parks Limited on behalf of Rochdale MBC' awaited me. The parking attendant was still present and told me that parking had not been on bank holidays for 2 years now, but i do remember parking in another Rochdale town centre car park on the August 2006 bank holiday and it was free then.

Is there anyway I can get this fine wrote off?

Thanks in advance.
First of all, go back to the car park and check what and when the charges are. This information will be with the ticket machine. Take a camera and photograph the sign. If it states anything about charges not being applicable on Sundays, Bank Holidays, etc then send a copy of your ticket and a copy of the photo to the ticket office and demand it be cancelled immediately. If there is no exemption from charges then you will be looking for technicalities. There are several members here who are 'expert' at spotting mistakes and will advise accordingly.
Unless a bank or public holiday is explicitly mentioned on signs, it's a normal day for revenue-raising purposes, and you can expect the vultures to be out to catch more victims.
Except with TRO's.

A TRO can mention a bank holiday but it won't necessarily be mentioned on the signs. I know that a london borough got into a muddle with this last year.

If there is a traffic order enforcing the parking then you should ask to see it and check for exemptions.
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