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This is a letter I've written to and the reply from them.

I disagree with speed cameras.
They are the embodyment of the SNOOPY/SNOUTY STATE we're living in
An ordinary granny can become a criminal by just doing an extra few mph
the stupid limit.
Whatever you say, it's about MONEY.
Please email me a list of all cameras in the Warwickshire area and
confirm that they are ALL (each and every one of them) installed according to at least these guidelines:

1. Site at least 400 meters in lenght.
2. Number of injury accidents in preceeding three years is 8 or more.
3. Number of fatal/serious accidents 5 or more, loss of control accidents 3 or more, excessive speed accidents 3 or more.
4. 85th percentile speed greater than ACPO guidelines.
5. Site conditions are suitable.
6. No other speed reduction methods are appropriate.

You do have one blatantly disgusting one on the A45 just before the M42
junction Westbound, hidden behind a big sign. Albeit painted yellow.

My son and I have both received NOIPs yesterday, a truly sad picture of
our succumbing to a dictatorial state.

The only consolation is that you and your families will get caugth just
as much, hopefully.

Yours disgustedly -



The locations of all Warwickshire safety cameras - mobile and fixed are
available on our website. The A45 camera you refer to is a West
Midlands Safety Camera Partnership camera so I cannot comment on its location.
I can assure you that the activity of the Warwickshire Casualty
Reduction Partnership is not about generating revenue for the simple reason that none of the money received from speeding and red light fines can be used for any other purpose than to cover the operational costs of the Partnership and our education activity. The cameras are installed for one reason and one reason alone - and that is to cut casualty numbers. Hopefully you will have seen from our website that our cameras are working, with 107 fewer casualties at Warwickshire camera sites when compared to the annual average for 1994 -98.
Besides - if we wanted to catch motorists we wouldn't:
make our fixed and mobile camera sites clearly visible
promote new camera sites in the local press
list our camera sites on our website
encourage local radio stations to announce our camera locations.

Of course, there is a much easier way to avoid receiving a speeding
ticket, and that is to keep your speed at or below the legal speed limit.


Stephen Rumble
Communications Manager
Warwickshire Casualty Reduction Partnership
Me again, sorry if the above went in the "wrong" place on the forum!
Hi Mummy.
I don't care what they say either. The facts are that it is unsuspecting visitors who get zapped in the main as the locals get to know where they are. They appear to be fair but in reallity there are some scameras who's revenue is nearly £400.000 per week. Essex I think.

These Bozo's only tell you what they are told themselve as they are the sheep in our society. Hey, remember Comical Ali ? Well a bit like him really. Parrot fashion bullshit & if you've ever tried to talk to a Gov official then you know what I mean.
They just rattle it off parrot fashoin & expect you to belive it cos the boss says so. OK so what happens to the excess funds after all that he said was paid for. Central government coffers I expect. Try to get some common sense out of them & see where you get. I also would bet they would fail a mensa exam rather badly too. Sheep... Baaaaaaaaaaa.

I hope you have not signed the NIP they sent you. fill in the details but don't sign it. There is Nothing in the RTA 1988 sec 172 that says you have to despite what they might tell you in the info they send. Stick to this & brave it out is my advice.
I had some from lancs police & the info & letters were very erroneous & untrue. They will try to Con you into signing as with out it they cannot do you. Never mind the offence, under 172 sec 2 ( they may try to baffle you by quoting Sub 7 but it only relates to section 2.
You are required to provide " Information " & since when has a signiture been information.
This is quite correct & never mind photo evidence as they can only use it to ID the car.
Please look at the forums on this site as it is the best one going for this subject. Do not take it is the message & when you read the reports you will see.
I won't go on as there are some more elequent than me & with more info to hand, links & stuff. But just remember that just because you got an NIP doesn't mean to say you need to get done. Fight & if every one did the system would collapse. Please, Just take some time to browse the site & get informed. I've been sent illegal information docs by Lancs police telling me that it " States in the RTA 1988 Sec 172 that I am required to sign the NIP. The RTA they refer to says nothing of the kind. I rest my case.

Best wishes,

Hi Marty,

Thanks for that reply and the feelings are identical of course.

Rest assured I have returned the NIP unsigned, despite their request for me to sign.

I am awaiting the next step, although I feel I may need a solicitor soon, if anything just to take the heat out of it.

I'll keep you informed of the outcome.

Cheers - mummy
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