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Full Version: Help re verbal NIP please?
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Great site - thanks - have read loads but cannot find example close to mine.

I was stopped 13 days ago in my company car for speeding. They said they timed me between 2 white squares (no way could they see the squares on the road surface from where they were) and I was going too fast - the screen in the police car had the calcs and speed on it.

They gave me a producer for my licence - took my name/addy etc but did not ask for evidence. Cautioned me saying it was too fast for a fixed penalty and that it would go to court. They did not give me any paper relating to the speeding.

Have I had a verbal NIP and the next step is a summons? Will they send NIP to my company and then they reply with my details and then me etc? Please.

(When they 'invited' me to get in the backof the car the seat was piled high with jackets, boxes, papers and they had to pile it on the side to make room so I figure they were not expecting to go fishing for speeders - I am hoping they might consider me warned and/or the speed unit was not tested but I know it would be luckiest of lucky things if true)
Thanks in advance
The caution you had takes the place of the NIP. All you can do is wait and see - the summons usually takes around 5 months to issue - if you haven't had anything after about 7 months you are probably in the clear.
QUOTE (Rallyman72 @ Mon, 11 Dec 2006 - 09:55) *
The caution you had takes the place of the NIP.
A caution and a NIP are not the same thing. However, to all intents and purposes the court will treat them as such. Trying to persuade 3-semi alive magistrates that you've not received a verbal NIP but a caution will be no mean feat.
It is for the prosecution to show that you understood you were being reported for the offence – [Gibson v Dalton 1980] but, as Firefly has suggested, don’t expect too much in a Magistrates’ Court. rolleyes.gif
Many thanks for the replies - just have to wait and see .
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