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Full Version: police caution time limit
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can anyone help? My son rear-ended a car that stopped for no reason on a roundabout and susequently discovered his insurance had lapsed by 20 days. He paid the other party's damages and now they have reported him to the police for driving with no insurance because he refused to pay for so called whiplash when the other party never went to a doctor or hospital
This happened back in September and the offence was reported 6 weeks later.
Do the police have a time limit to caution you?
Also, as this was a genuine mistake, what is the likelyhood of him receiving points?
We both feel this was a scam
There is no doubt it was a scam. It is perpetrated by a certain section of our community who also have doctors etc. to help make the claim.

This happened to a freind of mine at some traffic lights. He hardly touched the car in front, there was no damage done and the driver was clearly not injured or stressed in any way. This didn't stop him from getting a doctor to say he had a bad whiplash injury and claiming compensation.

Good luck.
Having no insurance is a summary offence and as such there is a statutory time limit for prosecution of 6 months from the date of the offence. In this case the police have 6 months to charge (issue a summons). The punisment is usually a fine and 6-8 points, and a disqualification on discretion by the courts, usually for about 12-18 months.

The injury compensation is a civil matter.

Hope this clears things up. smile.gif
Had a good whiplash claim a few years ago.

Customer on an ER5 motorcycle hits the back of a people carrier at around 5mph, no damage to the bike.

Other driver tries to claim £8000 in whiplash injuries until the insurance company threatened to report him for fraud.
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