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Full Version: pleading guilty to s172 - mitigation...
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anyone have any good bits of info to put on the reserve of the guilty plea? mitigation plea.

I don't really have anything to say at all, aside from that I was waiting for the Idris Francis result...

I still don't think it's right that technically I'm being "forced to sign" but obviously I am unsure as what to put because I don't want them to think i'm trying to stick it up them and appearing sorry would generally result in more leniance...


I wrote to Hampshire Police and Dorset Police. (One for me and one for my wife) asking if I could now sign the form as I now believe from recent court cases that I do have to sign the form. rolleyes.gif

Dorset replied saying Yes with a new NIP. icon_eek.gif

Hampshire police said NO! you have to go to court. icon_twisted.gif icon_twisted.gif

I shall produce my letter in court if they charge me costs on the s172 charge. They could have mitigated the costs by letting me sign and not go to court on that particular charge. rolleyes.gif


The Rookie
I would guess that it somewhat depends on whether the 6 months for the speeding was timed out, if its in time to get you for speeding they are more likley to go along, otherwise we would all not sign until just after the 6 months were up, then offer to sign!

Thanks for the replies, Simon by my post about the s172 & s peeding-wellim being taken to court for s172 only, therefore by pleading guilty, is it possible that a speeding summons could arrive later that I would lose by my previous guilty plea for s172... (sorry if i havent made that clear)

also: still looking for a short reponse for the mitigation section..? is it sufficient to simply put somethign along ht elines of "the situation at the time was unclear pending Idris Francis' ongoing court cases..."?
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