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Hi guys

I was stopped for doing 80 in a 60 back in may the cop was using a ultra lyte speedscope

I was caught at a distance of 667 metres away Now firstly this is a fair distance in or around a quarter of a mile

I recieved a fixed penalty notice there and then, which i wouldnt sign so now i have got the summons

Can someone tell me how long they have to serve the summons on me by my reckoning it is over 6 months the summons was handed to the wife tonite 8/11/06 but i was stopped on the 3/5/06

Does anybody know if the distance i was caught at ok seems a bit far

thanks in advance
The crucial thing is when the case papers were presented to the court, not when the summons gets handed to the accused. If the date on the summons is earlier then the 3rd November then they have not timed out the offence.
The Rookie
Start at square one, read the FAQ, fill in NIP wizard and copy the output....667m is a LOG way away, nearer 1/2 mile than a 1/4 (which is 400M) at that range the laser 'beam' is a circle of over 2m diameter with lots of scope for errors.

Suggest you do the NIP wizard, scan and blank identifying marks on the summons (not standard sheets) and post them.

Read up on disclosure (forums and main site) as you will really want that video that I presume they have!

The cop didnt have a video he just told me i was doing that speed and told me it was that distance

I did ask to see a picture at the time but he wasnt able to show me one i dont think he needs a picture or video to use that camera its just his word against mine

He gave me an on the spot ticket

Can someone tell me what distance are these cameras allowed to work at or where i can get more info on them
I live in N, Ireland and its very hard to get a solicitor to challenge anything here they have the belief just plead guilty its a easier way to go but i honestly do believe i wasnt doing 80mph in a 60 as there was a car in front of me and behind me
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