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Full Version: Traffic Safety officer
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DMC Paul
Who are these people and what power do they have.

They have the battenburg livery on the car. Are they speed control?? blush.gif



If you read this link it might give you some of the background to Highway Authority Traffic Officers (HATO's)


Basically they are there to keep the trunk road system moving and no they do not have powers on speed enforcement (although people think they are police and so drive slowly past them)
There is a better thread here about their statutory powers.
DMC Paul
Thanks for that.

But the car was an estate car not one of those HATO 4x4's, and specificall said down the side "Traffic Safety Officer"

I take it they are one and the same.

DMC Paul,

The car you saw was most likely a VOSA (Vehicle Operator Services Agency) vehicle. While also part of the DfT, they are not linked to The HA or it's traffic officers.

Try here for info:

DMC Paul
Thanks again

Traffic Safety Officers are employed by Contractors to make sure that all Traffic management eg cones & signs in roadworks etc are placed correctly and comply with regulations. They may well have contact with HA Officers etc due to the nature of work but have no powers. As their livery says they are there to ensure that things are as safe as possible in their roadworks and from what i believe they do a worthwhile job.
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