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Full Version: Dangerous Driving? Ambulance caught me...?
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Had quite a wierd incident today and need some advice and peace of mind!

I was driving today and off a big junction of the M4, Junction 4 to be exact...theres roadworks in progress, so obviasly tight lines etc...i was at the roundabout junction..where i wasnted to go but braked due to a car coming which was faster then i judged..the ambulance behind me a volvo ambulance, blew his horn at me..obvaisly my first intentions was that he was ina rush so i took the next opprtunity to go and was about half a car length over the line because i thought he wanted to pass me...however he didnt so i went, as we were going onto the motorway he was constantly behind me and obviasly at that time i was already pissed at why he horned at me! so, the next junction he gets off and we end up at a red lgiht and i am next to him, then i ask him why he horned at me and he says because dangerous driving, i asked how was i dangerously driving and he replies, dont argue with me, argue with the magistarates, after that he took off very quickly and i took a different exit.

Any ideas guys,

My friend who is a very good driving instructor says, he is just messing because the ambulance doesnt have a camera, i looked as well and there wasnt which is why he sped of very quickly, i know that he wasnt on a call or anything as well....he was doing about 80 on the motorway though

Anywayss any help would be great

Thank you
Depends whether the ambulance driver makes a complaint to the police, and the police decide to follow it up. The police must send a nip within 14 days, so just wait and see.
But the thing is that how can he proove i was going too fast, which i wasnt! and would this be a court matter?


One thing to clear up is that i was NOT dangerous driving, just he clearly stated i was..? I was travelling at normal speeds...however i am pretty sure he was pissed off because i was hesitant to go at the roundabout where he was looking at the cars and not at me where he nearly went into the back of me....


It's examples like this that make you wonder is it worth being flustered into getting out of the way for an Ambulance at the risk of being penalised as a result.
I'd always get well out of the way of an emergency vehicle (Blue lights), but now with camera's everywhere that never get the full picture I'll at least have to start thinking twice.

I used to be un-decided, but now I'm not so sure .
very rare for prosecution to be started let alone succeed on the evidence of a single civilain witness (we could all be fulltime
reporting dangerous idiots couldnt we)

i suspect he was winding you up

do not go through a red light for an ambulance - they have no authority
to direct you (unlike police)
James Sykes
It is not up to the ambulance service as to whether or not you were driving dangerously,that is for the police to decide if your driving fell well below the standard expected of a reasonable driver". Don't worry about it, however remember the horn is just for the purposes of alerting someone to your presence , it is not supposed to be used to rebuke someone.

there is no point worring about this it is proabably a wind up but if it not you will get a NIP in 14 days and it can be takend from there. Anything else is pure seculation likey to get nowhere.
Thanks guys, appareciate the help! Hopefully everything will be fine as i wasnt dangerously driving, unless hesitating to go and making progress entering the motorway is considered driving dangerously!

The funny thing is that on the motorway the ambulance who was not on a job was travelling at speeds in excess of 80+

Anyway thanks for all the help guys, GREATLY appreciated!

cool.gif cool.gif :B)Iam just waiting to see what happens next in a similar scenario I noticed the ambulance behind me as i joined a duel carriage way and moved over so he could overtake after he did i pulled out again and followed him at a safe distance at one point he appeared to slam on so i backed off a few hundred yards further on he pulled into the left lane and turned his lights off as i overtook him his window was down and he was giving me a hand signal that isnt in the highway code . another hundred yards or so i noticed him again in my rear view mirror blues flashing again but not getting nearer to me so i carried on in my lane and eventually pulled into the left lane as he passed again the hand signal was similar in not being in the highway code .. i thought nothing more but work recieved a call from a pc asking if it was still the companys van and they were reviewing some dash cam footing and may be in touch . i dont know what the law says regarding evidence gathered by dash cams in ambulances as i have learnt that this is now outsourced and effectively a private run company ??
Regardless of the thread hijack above, whatever the ambulance did/didn't record your description doesn't suggest anything remotely dangerous! Dithering at a roundabout is frustrating, but beats the hell out of pulling outin front of someone.....and then needing an ambulance. I'd not worry..........
Report the ambulance for dangerous driving ang improper use of the horn.
captain swoop
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