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Full Version: Private Parking Charge Notice!- help please
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Lastnight at 10:30 i received a ticket for £80 and i wasn't even parked on the queens prized garden but in some back alley in leeds.

the ticket has:

Vehicle Reg Mark: *****
Site No.-
VED No. ******
VED Expiry: 0207
P&D Expiry: -
Was seen in: crown st parking
P&D Ticket No.: -
time seen: 22:21
Time Issued: 22:36
Issue Date: 16/10/06
town or city: leeds
filmed: -
driver present: no
No. of W/Signs: 8 (piddly little notices!!)
parking attendent: 0157

the signs were not clear and i have parked there a few times. the ticket doesnt have "date of contravention" on it, does this problem apply to private penalty charges. i assume it is private as it is issued by "".

this has really annoyed me!!!! £80! i am student aswel. i certainly didnt think i was entering into that contract when i turned up there.

can any body give me any help; i have 6days before it goes upto £120. thank you
please pos an image of the notice

also read here on the subject - do a search
The company appears to be VCS "Vehicle Control Services Ltd", but no relation to VCS Parking Control, discussed elsewhere on this forum. The domain is registered to Excel Parking Services, who are a pretty large company, and the websites appear to be very similar, so I think they are linked.
They are so bleeping professional that they have a button marked 'fine payment' on their website!
Mine is with Vehicle Control Services / as well, issued 2 days before yours.

They don't know who the driver is, they only know who the Registered Keeper is. Because they're a private company, I don't think they have the legal right to force me to disclose the identity of the driver (which may, or may not, be me).

I intend to do nothing. When they send me a threatening letter, I'll write back and say that I'm not going to act as an unpaid informant for them.

In my case:

1. The car was parked for 3-4 minutes.
2. The van was lurking out of the way waiting for a car to park
3. Driver had been given (verbal) permission by the landowner to park free of charge, in front of a witness.
4. It was dark and the warning signs were obscured by bins

Under the circumstances, they aren't getting any help from me.

My understanding is that under contract law, they have to show that the warning signs are making an offer of a contract to park for £80 (£120 after a week).

By parking, they claim that you're signalling your acceptance of the contract and that you understand your responsibility under the contract to pay £80 (£120).

In my case, the driver claims permission had been given to park (with the rental of an apartment) free of charge. In your case, you claim that you didn't read the warning signs - small, insignificant, and the area was dark. No 'meeting of the minds' equals 'no contract'.

Failing that, I still don't see how they can prove that you were the driver - as long as you don't respond in the next 6 days and admit that you've got the ticket already!

I used to be active on the speed part of this forum, lost username & password details so have had to re-register with another username. Had never looked into parking until the start of this week, so if my advice is wrong - please could someone tell me!

Incidentally, they can't even spell the name of the car park on my case!

The 'Fine payment' button on their website, unbelievable! Should be helpful in court...
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