For information I am posting re. a Camden ticket, received earlier this year. One of many tickets regularly picked up when parking legally displaying a blue badge.
The blue badge is not recognised in much of central London, thus it is very confusing and usually impossible to know where parking is allowed. The usual brief is to put a token payment in a pay and display or meter and an extra hour is allowed. P.A. is then very likely to ignore badge / additional hour, and issue a ticket, next step is hassle of sending off photocopies of badge with covering letter, to get ticket cancelled. Of late however, I have found that the first badge photocopy / letter gets ignored and an NTO is issued, so for the past year or so, I have found it necessary to phone one of the buggers, explain what has happened, get their name and send another photocopy addressed for their attention. This has long since become tedious so I was delighted earlier this year to take a fresh approach, in hauling them up over a flaw in the NTO, where it is stated ‘Before the period of 28 days of the date of this notice you must pay’ where I was actually entitled to 28 days from receipt, they deny me of at least 2 days while it’s in the post, and thus is an unlawful document, and they’re not getting their filthy claws on my money. I am grateful to Mr. Pendle for his help in this matter, he walked me through filling in the stat dec etc. and I’m ashamed to say I have recently received an NTO from Kensington and Chelsea, with the same flaw, and I didn’t notice, had to have it pointed out to me after posting, on this one however, I hope to have fun querying NCPs authority to issue on behalf of Kensington and Chelsea.

Sorry, this was meant to be in parking sucess stories.