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Full Version: Photographic Evidence
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Am I correct in assuming that there is no point in requesting photographic eveidence (2 pictures from a fixed GATSO) prior to getting the summons. I am going down the PACE route but will have to wait to nearer the 28 days. In the meantime a friend suggested getting the photos just to make sure if it clearly shows the driver. The wife and I both drive the car and we are probably 70% sure that it was me.

If there is doubt request them. It will not hurt your pace submission.

Keep it simple

Dear sir

Please supply me with pics to aid id'ing the driver.



You never know it may be a clone of your car.
The Rookie
Boxer is correct, just ask for a photo 'to assist in identifying the driver'...

If you are only 70% sure, then it would be perjury to 'admit' to driving at the time, play safe and be 100% sure!

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