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Full Version: appeal?
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got found guilty by the courts today after the judge told me that he had to go on the laws that stand at the minute, which is that my pace statement can be used as a confession!

i did my pace statement, beforehand and now looking to appeal because of the cases inhand, any ideas?

had fun in the court room when a close up picture of my car was used to prove it was me under the evidence that "it is common sense that the car in this picture is the same as the other one"

3 points and £500

advice would be nice!
If you don't mind can I ask why it was £500, is this a fine plus costs , costs only, fine only. I am interested because if I contest my alleged offence 37 in a 30 it is not worth me paying out £500.

If you cannot answer don't worry.

it cost a total of £200 fine and £300 costs.

got f$*ked big time
The Rookie
I would say that the guideline that the costs should be applicable to the fine are close to being breached, and I would love to see how they came to £300 when most people only get £35!

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