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Full Version: Watford parking ticket, still only one date!
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Picked this up today, interestingly it seems Watford are a little slow in tidying non compliancies, no suprise there, Watford council set the standard in dishonesty, incompetance, etc. now do I contest on the date matter, or the joke of a sign, see pic, Caught the pa in the act, pointed out lack of sineage, asked him what he thought he was doing, ended with him saying that as he can read the sign it's ok.
Can't see any picture of the sign, but just appealing of the '1 date' issue is apparently a killer blow. I would write them a letter pointing out the situation and asking them to cancel it 'informally'.
Just had to resize and repost the ticket, I think I'll wait for the NTO, as the buggers have to pay for my details, always happy to put them to hassle.
Ha! just seen those piccys. I'd be appealing on both grounds definitely
It might be worth challenging this on the defective signage rather than the two dates issue. Only because it's easy for them to fix the two dates problem. wink.gif
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