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Full Version: Hungarian Parking Tickets!!
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I think I know the answer to this one (IGNORE IT rolleyes.gif ), but would just like a bit of reassurance...

I was in Budapest over Easter, didn't have the necessary change for the meters, mainly because i couldn't collect enough miniscule value coins... The result was several parking tickets (Seven quid each!). Thinking I could just make the border before the full weight of the Hungarian legal system came crashing down on me, I did just that, and fled the country.

A few months later Euro Parking Collection (apparently they have "power of attorney" to collect debts on the 'local' council's behalf) sent me several letters telling me I owe them £15 for each. I ignored those, and then received some 'Charge Certificates' - £30 each.


Can I ignore these as I would with any other 'private' parking tickets (no obligation to name driver), or am I liable because it's my car (they are 'council' tickets after all)

Or, does what happens in Euroland not matter when it comes to an English court?

And, does anyone know about the planned changes to the law that will allow these to be chased up properly?

Thanks in advance
I had dealings with this bunch of cowboys a couple of years ago. Driving an Italian car (living in Milan) in the UK and received a ticket in Wandsworth, first thing I knew was when the Italian lease company asked me for 350 Euro!! They indicated that a court judgement against me had been lodged against me (this was a load of bo**ox).

I contacted the barstewards but they would not play ball, in the end I acused them of prejudice as if I was living in the UK I would have received a notice to owner and would have had the opportunity to dispute at an earlier date rather than the three months it took for them to contact me - never heard another dickie bird.

Their web site is full of sh*t, they are on a cut of any money received and are employed by a number of UK and international authorites. If I were you I would try the prejudice route, it may not work but it's work a go.

These guys and all like them are the scum.
they are simply agents with no additional legal powers

that siad hungary could try to enforce in the UK
(they are in the EU) but they can only do this through
the english legal system

however if yuo return to hungary you will have a problem
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