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Full Version: Some advice needed
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I was recently issued with a Parking Charge Notice by Cumbrian Parking Management Ltd. (Rossendales Collect Ltd) for overstaying my welcome whilst shopping at St. Nicholas Gate Retail Centre, Carlisle.

Before discovering the advice available on PePiPoo I rashly sent a letter to Cumbrian Parking Management in a naive attempt to appeal to their sense of fairness. The copy of my letter below explains the circumstances.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to appeal against the above parking charge issued on 5 October.

After a recent visit to MFI Carlisle to browse and price kitchens I was surprised and angered to find that I had received a parking charge on returning to my car. The visit over lunch time involved a meal at the retail park restaurant, visit to a shop on an adjacent street (Hein Gericke), some purchases in Focus and the majority of the time being spent in MFI . In all we were parked on site for just over three hours.

It emerged that any customer who needs to spend more than two hours at the retail park is fined for parking in what appears to be a normal retail centre free car park. This was our first visit to the Nicholas Gate retail centre. Although there are signs stating the parking policy on site I did not feel these were particularly visible and they were not seen on our arrival to the centre via Halford car park.

Although the car park was largely empty, I appreciate people working in Carlisle and parking all day at the retail centre could be a problem but feel it is unrealistic to expect genuine customers to be off site within two hours, particularly when considering a large purchase like a new kitchen. Surely all that is being achieved with this policy is the alienation of actual customers.

Yours faithfully,

I had considered paying this if I got no response prior to the 10 day reduced charge "offer" which is 15th October, but after reading some of the posts I intend to argue my case. Does my letter already sent to Cumbrian Parking cause any problems? Do these case often get to court?

Any advice would be much appreciated
wether it is fair will depend on a number of factors
particuarly the signs and the size of the charge

you have admitted being the driver and overstaying which
hasnt helped

if the charge is small (say 20 quid) and the signs clear it may be enforceable and so a better use of you time to pay
rather than fight
Thanks Teufel

Charge is £40 before 15th, £80 after the 10 days.

Not sure of signs wording or number. Not really local for me to check.
Mr Grumpy
You mention the company name as Cumbrian Parking Management Ltd, then in brackets Rossendale Collections Ltd whose registered office is Hardman Mill Rossendale, the same address as Rossendales Ltd, formerly Rossendale CB, formerly Rossendale Holdings Ltd

Believe me, these are not nice people to do business with, i have heard many distasteful stories of this companies methods over the years which i would only repeat in PM, (obvious reasons)

My advice is, pay the £40 pronto or it could soon turn into three figures
Mr Grumpy, tell me more.

The consensus seem to be pay up. But pay because legally I am liable and unlikely to get out of it, or because I will get my legs broken if I don't?
Is it really a good idea to give in to bullies?
Mr Grumpy
well they would have to get a CCJ to enforce it with bailiffs, who would be them, if a get out can be found all the good but i felt i should warn about them
Thanks everyone for your comments over the past couple days. Looking through the various forums there are clearly a number of people who spend a great deal of time giving advice and help - keep up the good work your views are greatly appreciated.

Back to Cumbrian Parking - I've reluctantly decided to put this one down to experience and part with the £40
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