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Full Version: Court summons in the Isle of Man
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Hi forum.
Newbee question.

I have today 03/10/06 received summons to appear in court for 2 motoring offences.
The offences where comittemd on the 30th May 2006.

This is the first written correspondence that I have received from the police.The only communication prior to this was verbally with the police officer who spoke to me that evening when he read me my rights.

The offences were an out of date tax disc and failure to change ownership on the log book.

I submitted a written appology the very next day to the local police station. I also taxed and changed the ownership that same day, this I advised the officer of the previous evening.

So my questions are?
Should they have written to me before hand advising me that they were intending to prosecute?
Is there a time limit on the intention to proseucte to notification date of summons?

Assuming IOM is govered by English road law

You received a verbal nip so they do not need to send a written notification. They have 6 months from the date of the offence (which they have met).

Manx Law is separate it has it's own judiciary led by Deemster Keruish,
I believe the highest appeal is to the Privy Council

no max speed limit on de-restricted roads.
I've done 130mph down the Ballamohda straight and still been overtaken by motorbikes.

Address: PO BOX 181 Ridgeway House, Ridgeway Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1PY
Telephone: 01624-690300

I used these solicitors, for an RTA on the island, don't know how good they are on other traffic cases.
I guess you are a manx resident, but are you entitled to a Manx Passport, as the Manx protect their own wink.gif

fatboytim (decendant of Farragher).
I assume you are a "comeover" otherwise you would know that the Manx Parliament set Manx Law .

You dont say by how long the tax or change of ownership was out of dat. That could have a bearing on how you will be treated by the court.
Tax was out of date by 2 months and ownership by approx 6 months.

When the officer spoke to me he called up the car registration on his phone/walkie talkie and the car ownership did come back in my name albeit spelt incorrectly.

The second offence "failure to change" seems to be failure to change the name in my log book as how else could they have the registration come back in my name.

Thanks for responses
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