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Full Version: Parking Correctly within a Bay
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A traffic warden of Hillingdon Council has issued me a parking ticket because the car was not parked correctly in a parking bay. Although 90% of the car was within the parking bay, yet only wheels of one side were over the so-called pedestrian way.
This parking bay is made of black bricks with a ring of red bricks surrounding it. If the wheels of the car are on the red bricks, the car is treated as parked incorrectly. Hence a PCN was issued.
The ring of Red Bricks are worn out and are not visible to the naked human eye unless you examine them minutely. Please, Can anyone advise if I can challenge this PCN and on what grounds shall I do so.
can you post photos

you may have a case over incorect ir unfair markings

chacke the pcn over 2 dates issue and owner libaility
Also check that the bay dimensions, and method of marking comply with those shown in the TSRGD and/or traffic signs manual.
Are black even bricks a valid way of marking a bay..?
QUOTE (whitewing @ Sat, 30 Sep 2006 - 23:09) *
Are black even bricks a valid way of marking a bay..?

No. Unless they have special permissinon. Bricked arrows on roundabouts are in the TSRGD so it's possible. I didn't think parking outside of a bay was acautlly an offence? Obviously if there were double yellow lines butting up to the bay and you parked over them then yeah. Unless the offence was for parking with one or more wheels on off the roadway (or whatever it's called - footway parking)?
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