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Full Version: PC Witness Statement
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I have been issued with a NIP for an alleged speeding offence (41mph in 30mph zone).

I have pleaded 'Not Guilty', as I want to see the photographic stills and videotape evidence (not a fixed camera, but a Police Constable (PC) with a hand-held laser device).

I have received the PC's Witness Statement, which is typed on what looks like a standard-issue form.

The PC has signed the bottom of each page, where it says 'Signature:', but there's also a 'Signature witnessed by:' field that has not been completed.

My question is this: Can the PC's Witness Statement be admissible, as it's not been witnessed by anybody?

I understand the importance of following procedure in this type of situation when it comes to producing evidence in Court, so I was wondering whether this non-witnessing of an official document makes any difference?

I would be very interested to hear any comment regarding this small 'technicality'. biggrin.gif

(I know it's a long shot.)
The officer is over the age of 17, therefore his signiture does not need to be witnessed, providing he does not work in Scotland.
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