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Full Version: No response from Lincs Police - now a bit stuck!?
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Red Shiney Wheels

Having received an NIP last month but being uncertain that it was actually me driving, I wrote to Lincs scameraship with photocopies of banks statement and explaining that I wasn't sure it was actually OUR car they caught. Also asked them for video/photograph. Have not had a response yet.

In the meantime I have just had some excellent news this week: I will be going to work in The Hague for 4 - 6 months biggrin.gif . Thing is I still have this alleged speeding offence hanging over me & obviously if Lincs police are going to follow it up & end up taking this to court it will be rather awkward (to say the least!!).

I have been toying with the idea of being honest & sending them a follow up letter. I'm sorry to say I've also been thinking less honest thoughts along the lines of getting my partner to send any correspondence from them back (their address is on the envelope so we know which letters are theirs) with 'No longer at this address' - it will after all be true! I'm going to write to the council to tell them I won't be at this address as from next month - my partner might as well get the 25% discount on his council tax whilst I'm gone icon_wink.gif so will be off the electoral role should they decide to check it. But would this mean that they would then start pursuing him again? (Although he DID get me into this!)

Any thoughts welcome.

Where abouts in Lincs did they catch you, Im interested in that county at the moment. Also try sending a data protection request, "dear sir I beleive you have data that claim identifies me, under the data protection act I am entitled to see copies of data that you hold etc... etc".

I am in county court with this force at present with a claim they failed to comply with my rights under this act and they may be a little more forthcoming if you quote the act.

Red Shiney Wheels
It was on the M180.

I may try writing to them as you suggest - but I only have a couple of weeks before I go so..... Unfortunately with it being on a motorway they may turn round & say that normal disclosure doesn't apply as per Mika's Disclosure post ( sad.gif . Frankly I think that's a bit unfair if they can use the video evidence against you in court.

This is so annoying!!! angry4.gif



I did not say that the normal rules of disclosure do not apply when speeding on a motorway.

What I actually said was that corroboration of the police officer’s opinion [the primary evidence in the speeding prosecution], is not required when the alleged offence is travailing in access of 70 mph on a motorway.

Furthermore, I also said that if the CPS tried to use this as the ‘excuse’ for not providing you with the traffic video, then you should send me a PM. icon_wink.gif
Red Shiney Wheels
My apologies Mika.

Having re-read your post I realise that I misread it. icon_redface.gif Doh!!! icon_redface.gif
Given the circumstances & the fact that I don't know as yet where I'll be living in 2 weeks I am feeling slightly stressed at present!!!
(At least that's my excuse!!) icon_eek.gif

Congratulations on the job.

It is probably worth dropping the police a letter as per Phil's post to requesting the information again - you could always wait until you know where you will be living before sending the letter. If the position is finite and they insist on taking the matter to court surely you can ask for adjournment until you get back?

Police forces do talk to each other you know and I am sure you don't want your local plod parked on your doorstep waiting for you to come back or harrassing your partner!!!

Red Shiney Wheels

Sorry if I'm being really dense here - you've piqued my curiosity about motorways & disclosure of the video. I don't know if you can answer this here given you ask people to pm you - I assume there are certain things that need to remain under wraps as it were.

OK I take it that the video can still be used as evidence. I get that corroboration of the police officer's opinion is not required when the offence is on a motorway - but if this is the case can you still use the video as defensive evidence if corroboration is not required?

Red Shiney Wheels

Have written to police today, still don't know where I'll be staying but by the time I do it will more than likely be too late.

I assume you're joking about the scameraship getting Northants police to stake out my house for a mere £60.... I am basically a law abiding individual (as are most people posting here I should imagine)....

icon_twisted.gif biggrin.gif ...then again if you're going to be in trouble with the law why not do it properly rather than for a mere poxy 10mph over the speed limit on a motorway. icon_twisted.gif biggrin.gif


Correct me if I'm wrong but is not the red bit the opinion entered in the officers automated notebook?

[quote]What I actually said was that corroboration of the police officer’s opinion [the primary evidence in the speeding prosecution],
QUOTE (Red Shiney Wheels)
It was on the M180.


Are you sure? I've been told it's Humberside Scamera Squad that works this cheeky little stretch of motorway (while hiding behind a bush on a bend).
Red Shiney Wheels

I think you are probably right it is Humberside rather than Lincs police - although the M180 is in Lincs (I think). They messed around with county names & boundaries in that area a few years ago & I still haven't got it straight! No doubt it will say on the paperwork - I'm in the middle of packing at present so am kind of putting such things on the backburner.....

Lincs or Humberside - they're still cheating scum icon_twisted.gif . Ask my brother in law he got caught twice by well hidden scamera vans in dark livery a couple of years ago icon_cry.gif .

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