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Full Version: Missing Points, A Gift From Heaven?
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Hi all, in 2005 I was taken to court for 111mph on the M6, given a SP50, £350 fine and what I assumed was six points on my licence. Now, I received my licence back from the DVLA in mid 2005 with no points on it, and only noticed this fact the other day when preparing my car insurance.

Now, have I gotten away with this? Last week I phoned the DVLA who confirmed that my licence was clean?! I don't know what to do, do I continue to declare such points or forget about it knowing that I have in writing (the licence) and word of the DVLA on this? I was never given anything by the court stating the six points - but surely they wouldn't have given me none when pleading guilty?
At 111 m.p.h 6 points is a certainty in England. Would be highly suprised if they gave you none. You get 3 points for doing 35 in a 30. If its there mistake, I would personally keep my mouth shut. That many people getting caught now, there must be mistakes somewhere down the line.
Completely agree, just worried that should I have an accident, whether this could come back to bite me. Seeing as the DVLA have confirmed that there are no points on my blank licence, is there any comeback?
Ask them to give it to you in writing?
Well I have the paper licence...
but make sure you don`t tell them the real reason why you want it confirmed wink.gif
Indeed, a good point. If you continuously call the DVLA they may look into the matter further. If I was you I'd keep stump, and if anything comes back to you then just play dumb and show the licence claiming you wasn't aware. I'm not the law though so take that advice with a pinch of salt!
Thanks guys, really useful. Does anyone have any legal background?
I used to watch L.A law, offa the 80's. Dont suppose that counts. Oh, and my gran has a Kavannagh Q.C dvd box set!
Perfect, that'll do! blink.gif
Bump, shall I just remain quiet regarding this?
I don't know if you keep stum have a accident and it comes out the insurance company will not pay out. Calling the dvla and asking for it in writing that your licease is clean is a risk as they my look into it and find you have points.(it is a very unusual request) Although as you have phoned you are now able to swaer on oath you asked someone at the dvla and they said you have none(this might not help)

That said if you have asked the dvla and they said you have none how likly is it they will say differantly if the insurance company askes them. Keeping stum you would probably be ok as you have to crash and get found out to lose out but it is not without risk.

I guess if something happened and you found yourself in court you could just play dumb as the dvla sent it back to you and you can swear on oath you checked it was clean and they comfirmed it. But as I said it is not without risk

You can state to your Insurers that you have a conviction for SP30 and have no points on your licence, just so long as you don't.... I'd suggest that you temporarily move (and thus update your licence) and then move back again in a month wink.gif
Thanks for the advice, I have actually received a new licence after moving, and this is clean and completed many months after the court hearing. I honestly don't remember them mentioning points, and the person who accompanied me to court has said the same (my brother). I think they may have cocked up, but whether it's the DVLA or the courts failure to issue points, I just don't know.
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