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Full Version: Jackson and Scotland
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Right then we Anaparks (note blame the wife not me, I didn't quote it) now that England have their Jackson ruling and the calls for restitution.

Would we still need a Judicial Review in Scotland to have this applied. I know I haven't got £10k to do this.

If a small claims was made against the council could this ruling be used as to why it should be repaid and would that then set the precedent binding on other cases (if successful).
jackson would be a strongly persuasive authority in scotland

eg in a small claims court

a small claims court is neither binding nor persusaive on anyone

I've read through it, and after speaking to the adjudicator at my last meeting, it does not make any difference that the Judge was in England. All the Scottish adjudicators were waiting on this being published. J Jackson is a 'competant Authourity' and has struck down any PCN without 2 dates.

Question is now, what do we do with this info? We must be able to get this into the press. There are enough bright folk on this site to be able to do this or to advise how to go about it.

Remember that link you entered from the Sunday Post? ( I can't find it) how's about a e-mail to them with the article in it, a phone no for the Scottish Parking Appeals Service, the J Jackson article and a brief explanation? I'd waiger they'd be all over it like a rash.

I'm already thinkin bout doing this for the Scotsman after this article


Some journalist somewhere must be willing to pick up on this, after all the media coverage parking is getting just now.

This could be the way we could really have a pop at the Councils, imagine the chaos and bad publicity this could generate?

Wayne must be well chuft out there biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Sounds good to me, I'll see if I can dig it up. Maybe someone in the know would know if a copy of this would be enough, or a successful small claims attached would get their attention. Without it they might believe the council in saying that there is no reason to pay back any other fines

The main thing is to gaurantee a successful small claims action and fight any counter argument that once paid it is an acceptance of fault. Scary bit is a bit of old Scots law coming out the wood work

Wonder how long it will take Aberdeen to fix theirs now.

Was in Edinburgh today and couldn't find a parking space so was tempted to just park anywhere I felt like it (naughty, not helping cause, so didn't).

The husband of one of our contracts people issues tickets for Edinburgh council, so got her to give him a call and she confirmed that they have changed their tickets.
I think this should be enough. I vaguely remember a journalist trying to contact the SPAS and them saying that no case had been brought yet. This is the case, SPAS were waiting on it.

We need to nail these Councils now! Before they change the tickets.

A journalist getting interested and running the story would be enough to generate loads of appeals, I hope. They need a bit of bad press, they deserve it.
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