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Full Version: Circular Blue Sign
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I recently made a U turn in front of a blue circular sign with an arrow pointing south west, and got a PCN from City of Westminster Parking Services (WPS) CCTV who say that I have, quote--I failed to drive in the direction shown by the arrow on a blue sign’. According to the Highway Code it says nothing about not being able to make a U turn either in front or behind this sign. I appealed and asked WPS if it is illegal to make a U turn, if it is, then what distance from the sign am I allowed to make a U turn, I got no reply, but a notice of rejection. Now I have appealed to the ‘Parking and Traffic Appeals Service’ stating that out of the 32 London Boroughs only Westminster Council interprets this sign as such, and because they have not told me exactly where I stand legally, I can only assume that it is not illegal. (?)
Common sense would suggest (assuming that you haven't omitted any material facts) that the "keep left" sign would only apply if you were passing it.
from your description the sign is legal

whta compliance means is open to interp

see this case

PATAS kennedy v camden

if you have already made a patas appeal then make a follow
up letter - you are allowed up to a few days befocre case
to nake all reps
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