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Full Version: parking ticket time ??
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cop a load of this
I have just recieved a parking ticket for parking on double yellow lines in a cul-de-sac location outside my house.

my question is the warden has put VEHICLE SEEN AT 17-02 , ON 21/09/06 TIME OF ISSUE 17-02. 21/09/06

would I be correct in suggesting that there should be a 5 minute grace time for loading / unloading of vehicle. as this was outside my house. the area is under consideration for resident parking , but has not been sorted yet.

any help would be appreciated. happy.gif
there is no grace period for a contravention

if you wish to claim the loading exemption then the burden of
proof is on you to prove loading

see PATAS douglas v brent

but that may be an easy hurdle if your vehicle
was not observed for a period of time

see PATAS jane packer v westminster

if they ask for documentaion for loading
tell them that it is not required by the regs
and is an unfair evidential burden for a private motorist

the loading exemption is aviliable for all vehicles
but probably isnt availiable on double yellows
or where there are kerb clips restricting it
(you would need to check the TRO/TMO)
cop a load of this
thanks tue ,, appreciated
cop a load of this
Thanx peter G . will try

chhers m8
cop a load of this
hope you got the idea from my question, the question is the parking ticket ( on yellow lines) has the same SEEN TIME AND ISSUE TIME BOTH STATE 17-02 IS THIS OK

the seen at being the same time is allowed

there is no grace period - the ticket can be
issued immediatly

the PA may have seen the car a minute earlier as well
but it doesnt have to go on the ticket
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