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Full Version: drove away from traffic warden
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I have just driven away from a traffic warden.
I had parked, stupidly, on double yellows while popping into a shop for 2 mins to buy a paper. When i came out the traffic warden was by my car just looking interested but not putting any info into his machine. When i approached the car he came over and started asking me why id parked there etc to which i politly replied.
He seemed intent on giving me a lecture, saying over and over that he 'could' give me a parking ticket and i got fed up and told him if he wanted to he would have to post it and drove off.
What happens now??
Please help as i am getting married in December and just cant afford to pay a fine.
You should have stood and took his lecture, he might have been a rare nice one and let you be on your way.....only driving off when he started writing
As far as I am aware the ticket isn't legal until it's been attached to the car ohmy.gif ohmy.gif
From the way you have described your brief encounter with the TA I would hazard a guess that he gave you a lecture and that should be the end of the matter. A previous post Here
deals with a similar scenario to your own and should answer any questions you may have.

To put your mind at rest you can call your councils parking section and ask if a ticket has been issued to the reg number of your car. Let us know how you get on. I may nominate the TA for an honest john award!

Good luck
Was it a Traffic Warden you drove away from or a Parking Attendant ? Traffic Wardens are employed by the police, and as such can issue a ticket via the post for a parking contravention. Parking Attendants are employed by the council (or via a third party on the councils behalf). If it was a Parking Attendant then the ticket is only issued when it is either handed to the driver or attatched to the vehicle, and cannot be sent through the post to you.

Thank you for your replys.
I think it was a Traffic Warden so i guess im pretty stuffed!
Please keep advice coming as it has been helpfull so far and i need all the help i can get.
Many thanks
QUOTE (Krakers @ Fri, 22 Sep 2006 - 14:30) *
Was it a Traffic Warden you drove away from or a Parking Attendant ? Traffic Wardens are employed by the police, and as such can issue a ticket via the post for a parking contravention.

I disagree....................only a police officer can do that
almost certainly not a traffic warden - very few police forces
use them - in london there are none - CSOs assume
certain of their duties

the proper name is a Parking Attendant
If its decriminalised parking area then they definatley have to either affix the ticket to the vehicle or hand it to the driver. I myself got NPAS to cancel a ticket because neither happened, although they claimed it was placed on the car (lying scum).
If they were an 'honest john' why would they become a traffic warden??
parking against the regs is a criminal offence

PAs can give decriminalised PCNs for these contraventions
these must be served to the driver or vehicle

a police traffic warden or policmean can charge the driver with
a parking offence - this is normally done by a fixed penalty
notice which can avoid court and admit guilt and pay

an FPN can be served by post but it is rare that they bother
it would be served by the police on the evidence of a policeman or TW

in theory you could just get a summons without a FPN
but this is very unlikely
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