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Full Version: company van/photo evedence/??????? is there any chance`s
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i was caught by a mobile camara van in a company van the vans are all fleet!
the NIP must have gone to fleet then to company the my boss must have told them i was the driver at the time due i recived the NIP 3weeks later is there any possible way i could get the photo evedence and if i cant be identified write back saying i was not the driver at the time of offence,is there any way i can get away with this allegation?
possible but photo may well show you and what do your companies records say. All companies must keep accurate logs of who is driving what so in a nutshell no chance
The Rookie
I wouldn't say no chance, if the records your company keeps are inaccurate/incomplete or otherwise 'dodgy' then write back saying that you do not 'believe' you were the driver and ask to see the photo, if thats inconclusive then use that as your defence (note it may not do much for your career to land the co. in deep water for not keeping proper records!). If company records are good, best take it on the chin!

saying that i was on probtion period 3mths and wasnt ment to have a van!also i had to resign from company any way due was gonna get sacked for gross misconduct use van out of work hours, i never ever signed for van at any time, whats the verdict if i am not in the photo graphic evedence!
Odd Job
QUOTE (The Rookie)
If company records are good, best take it on the chin!


Not if it was a dodgyscope icon_wink.gif biggrin.gif
The Rookie
OJ, was refering to admitting being the driver (returning complete NIP) not the speeding....

KG if the company have no conclusive record of you being the driver, and the photo is inconclusive, it may be worth contesting!

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