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Full Version: Mobile Camera on Bend
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Is it legal for a Camera operator to take a photo of you as you come round a blind corner, as you've just got into sight of the Mobile Van - Say within the first 10 meters?

Also can they ascertain your correct speed as you go round a bend?

Thanks for any help!

Yes it is legal as Laser beams only travel in straight lines. However the actual speed recorded if you where still on the bend is less than you where actually travelling at. This is against you not fore you. Do you have the Photo evidence to prove you where on the bend or are you guessing. Coplete the Nip Wizard and Post it here. Regards Peter
There is another issue here of having time/opportunity to form a prior opinion of speed. Depends on the field of view the operator had.
Mobile camera on bend . Sounds like an Essex Safety partnership special/ultra filth. Lets catch retired Derek on way home from B &Q doing 36 in a 30. Major catch!!

As we all know on the site they bend the rules back to front. It’s all bout the money. Less traffic cops more money making cameras. The real criminals have free roam whilst us law abiding motorists get screwed. Thank god the few traffic cops left have ANPR – they are like an endangered species these days
It is easier to form a prior opinion with a vechilce coming found a corner, assumming you can see it i.e. the field of view than if it was coming straight to wards you. Complete the NIP Wizard and wash and Paste the NIP or is this just a hypo question. Regards Peter
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