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Full Version: Illegal Marking on residents bay...?
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I today recieved a nice 200 quid fine to get back my car after having it towed away in Camden mmmm nice eh...anyway my question is this , i remember seeing once that marking on yellow lines and bays etc have to be continuous (no Breaks etc) is this also true of white lines as well as yellow, and also at the end of the bay should the line be a double white line only, or is it legal to have a single one, also the bay is apprx 60 feet long with only one sign for restrcitions, i was parked apprx 40 foot from the sign... would really appreciate some help on this i want to nail the council on a technicality... i realise i acted like a fool for not being totally thorough with the looking at signs etc but 200 quid is a bit steep isnt it....??

any help greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

I have spoken to police about white lines before. I was under the impression after the call that white lines have nowhere near the power of yellow lines. (This is a solid white line along the edge of the road I'm talking about)The line I was questioning the police on was on the road in front of someones driveway. The owners of the property had paid the council to paint the white line but they had extended it way beyond the width of their driveway and thought this entitled them to a personal parking place. After speaking to the cops I was left with the distinct impression that the line had no legal bearing at all.

Is this the type of line your talking about?
tkblueyonder we need more info to help - photo of lines
and signs or a much better description
This was basically a "residents only at anytime bay" around 100 foot long with only one plate approx 50 foot from the the point where i parked.. the lines are broken lines that mark the bay out, it is my understanding that at each end of one of these types of bays the lines should be dual lines not single... i am going to go to the road tomorow after work and get a photo of the plate and the bay,road etc

Thanks for all of your help


P.S.....if white lines are only advisory not comulsory does this mean they cannot enforce anyway....?
look here first


if there are errors u need to beware of the claim of de minimis

re. t-bars was put thus

The application of de minimis in the context of road traffic signs has been thoroughly examined in the courts in the case of Cotterill v Chapman (1984) RTR 73 which distinguished the decision of Davies v Heatley [1971] R.T.R 145.

In Davies the court decided that traffic signs shall be of the size, colour and type prescribed by regulation and that if a sign, the contravention of which is an offence, is not as so prescribed then no offence is committed if the sign is contravened, even if the sign is clearly recognisable to a reasonable man as a sign of that kind. In Cotterill the principle of the application of de minimis variation was upheld but It is clear form this decision that the level of variation must be extremely small. In Cotterill a very short section of a long double white centre line was found to have a centre gap of just 3 millimeters less than the prescribed minimum of 90 millimeters. In Davies an additional broken line between double solid white centre lines was not a permitted variation and Cotterill upheld that a variation of this sort was not permitted and invalidated the purported contravention of an invalid sign. The principle of de minimis could perhaps support the claim that t-bars of slightly the wrong size were still in conformity but it cannot possibly be used to support their total absence when the regulations lay out so clearly the manadatory requirement for them.
There are 4 different designs of white lined parking bays. The 2 main designs are one with individually marked bays which requires doubls lines at the ends and the continuous bay which requires single lines at the end.
Photos are good. smile.gif

1028.3 (large disabled bays)
1028.4 (most common type, ignore the DOCTOR bit, that is usually omitted)
1032 (individually marked bays)
1033 (wonky bays)

Please get photos of the signs, lines and some showing where the signs are in relation to the lines.

"Residents only at any time" sounds made up...
thanks for all your help, i am getting photos of the bay and signs etc tomorow evening should be posted before wednesday AM

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