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Full Version: POPLA 28 day window missed?!?
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Hi and thanks to anyone that can help!

I received a parking ticket from Parking Eye. I disputed this which was denied. This was received via email. I issued an appeal with POPLA by letter. However I have today 20.10.21 received a further letter from Parking Eye dated 08.10.21 stating that an appeal was never lodged with POPLA and that the money now needs to be paid before county court. I took a copy of the original form that I sent to POPLA.

Not sure what to do now as I have no proof of posting.

Thank you again
Have you tried contacting POPLA to say you sent an appeal but haven't heard back? When did you post it, and did you follow the required steps (including the postal appeal form)?
ParkingEye are litigious, so they are very likely to follow up with a court claim.

Can you show us the original notice, and what your grounds of appeal were?

(Too late now, but for future reference, you can appeal to POPLA online and send a PDF of your appeal)
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