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Full Version: zebra zigzags & trainee cop
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today I was parked with the bumper of my car over the zigzag not the tyre... as i went to drive away i saw a copper sprinting from 50yardsaway 2wards me... i assumed he was in pursuit of a thief... he stopped me driving away and said id parked offensively... my tyre was now on the zigzag as i had moved a foot...
he proceeded to 'do' me and the handwriting on the ticket is what i can only describe as 'pathetic'... my 7yr old is neater... he mispelled my first name.. my address.. the offence of 'stopping inb ebra crossing, pelican croffin'...... yes i have put exactly what the ticket states....
my word against his... he had a cop with him who never said a word... i had 4 members of the public slagging him off...
am i snookered? how do i get out of this... i wasnt parked on the zigzags...
my reg plate has a 'Z' in it and the tickets reads as a '7'.....
If it was me, based on the scenario you have given, I would do the following;-

Write to the Chief Constable stating the facts:-

1. You were not parked on the zig-zags
2. The trainee constable could not have determined that you were from such a distance.
3. By the time the constables arrived at your car, you had already moved off and were now on the zig-zags.
4. The vehicle was not parked and the engine running and as such is considered to be in motion.
4. You stopped on the zig-zags after being directed to stop by a Police Officer; and was then issued a ticket for being on said zig-zags by said probationer constable.
5. The constable/s sprinted from some 50 yards away up to my vehicle, pity they can't show the same enthusiasm in apprehending real criminals. (optional, might get their backs up.)
6. Another officer was present but he said nothing. It is my view that he perhaps did not wish to contradict this probationer so he did not lose face.
7. If you have some witnesses, tell them that also.
8. Can you explain how you can park 'offensively'
9. Ebra crossing, pelican croffin, which is it?, what are they? (optional again, might get their backs up some more).
10. I have been booked for an offence that I never commited.

Personally speaking, if what you have described is indeed a fair repesentaion of events then god help us. If this is the standard of recruits these days then were all stuffed. Just think, these are the Chief Constables etc. of the future perhaps.

Anyway, at the end of the day you have to do what you want based on what you think is right, you don't have to listen to me, I'm at the Grumpy Old Sod stage of like and I don't give a damn anymore about who I upset.

It's your call but at the end of the day, you're probably screwed.
QUOTE (camperman @ Thu, 14 Sep 2006 - 19:57) *
today I was parked with the bumper of my car over the zigzag not the tyre

That is an offence; it does not need to be the tyre.
QUOTE (camperman @ Thu, 14 Sep 2006 - 19:57) *
i wasnt parked on the zigzags...

Yes you were, assuming that the bumper was over.
QUOTE (camperman @ Thu, 14 Sep 2006 - 19:57) *
i had 4 members of the public slagging him off...

If you were not over the zig-zags, you should have got their details as defence witnesses.
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