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Full Version: Induced to accelerate
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On Monday 11/09/06, while I was driving on the M4 at 1 a.m., I spotted a person in dark clothes and with a hood on top of a bridge. It had just started raining and I was driving well under the speed limit, since I am very cautious when the road is wet.
At the time it was still in my mind a conversation I had with my wife with regards to a girl who was killed by people throwing rocks down a bridge on a motorway. Once I even passed under a bridge on the M1 with children laughing and throwing stuff to the cars.

Well, I saw the guy dropping something white from the bridge and I speeded up to avoid being a target.

On the other line there was a motorbike, which was going even faster than me.

Well, before going under the bridge I saw a flash and now I have a doubt that that person was a policeman with a speedcamera. I guess he didn't aimed at the motorbike since he/she was looking at us from the front.

I didn't see any police car or any speed limit sign, so now I have a big doubt.

Was he/she a member of the police or someone else?
I accelerated because I thought I was under threat.

What should I do if I receive a speed ticket? That person induced me to accelerate due to the unusual circumstances with no signs of speed checks.

Please give me your advice. I was even thinking of reporting the event to the police.

The event is still in my mind after 4 days and he thought of that flash in the night is driving me crazy. I need some advice. I haven’t been able to drive normally since then. I keep making mistakes and yesterday I spent 3 hours on the road, instead of the usual 30 minutes because I was not able to pay attention.

If the flash I saw the other night was from a police camera and if I receive the ticket I would like to fight back. I do not think it is right that I pay the fine and I forget about it. The police has never helped me when I really needed and now they even harass me directly.
The only problem is that if I get any criminal conviction I will loose my job.

Please, I need advice. My questions are:

1) What do I need to do when my wife will receive the ticket (I was driving her car)? What is the process?
2) What if I go to Court and I lose my case. What is the worst case scenario?

Thank you
make a note of everying in case you need it later

you have 14 days for a nip (longer if a lease or compoany car)

the flash may have been the kids chucking rocks taking photos

in general though claiming speeding due to necessity of circumsatnce
is a very hard defence to pull off
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