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Full Version: Exit Barrier Open
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Ok - I went to St Katherine's docks (London, Next to the tower bridge) yesterday, and parked at the City Quays car park. I had to take a ticket at the entrance, which was obviously needed to exit.

When I walked out - I noticed that the exit barrier was raised, effectively allowing you to get away without paying. When I came back, I noticed the same thing, so drove out. I still have the ticket in my posession.

Didnt notice any cctvs there at all.

Now - my question - and this might be too early in the day for it is:

In the eyes of the law - have I done something wrong? wink.gif

I dont know if this should be here, or in the flame pit. If wrong place, could the mod please move it. I dont want to have Chris Tarrant staring down at me, admonishing me for starting two threads about the same thing.
i presume you get a timed ticket on entry
and before you leave make payment at machine
whcih allows you to leave using ticket to lift barrier

this is a contract

potentially theft - leaving where payment is expected
to be made on the spot (ie like a petrol station driveaway
its a crime not juts an unpaid civil debt)

howver i think they would be hard to prove that
you acted dishonestly

the open barrier gave you licence to leave without payment

there is a supermarket near me where payment is collected
by a guy as you leave with ticket - a lot of the
time they leave the barrier open when its not busy as
the cost of the guy outways their parking charges

i would not worry
Thanks Teufel. I was thinking along the same lines.

Will come back with more IF I hear anything from them.
any claim would only be for the parking charge
anything else woudl be an unenforceable penalty

see various threeads on private parking
Awesome! That makes my day - the parking charge would be £10 smile.gif

Have been stressed at work so am literally bristling for a fight! Bring it on smile.gif
This happens a fair bit at the local hospital which seeing as its 4 miles outside the city with nothing else nearby I think £2 for an hour is a rip off so when I see the barrier up I drive through it

In fact some helpful person recently dismantled it with a socket set so that was even better hehehehe

Ive never ever heard a thing and they have cctv up
that however is a crime - theft and criminal damage
Well I didnt do anything to the barrier. It was present when I was leaving, but locked in the upright position. Dont know who did it or when... wink.gif
Well obviously that is a crime I wasnt advocating doing it but i'll quite happily drive through and laugh if someone else does lol
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